Double-Layered Obstacle Warrior Course in Canada

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Dreamland Playground is excited to introduce our most recent success, Canada's double-layer obstacle warrior course. This amazing facility is evidence of our focus on enjoyment, safety, and adventure in ninja warrior courses.


Air obstacles are a new concept in the field of obstacle challenges that are settled in the first level of this obstacle warrior course. These obstacles are safer, softer, and more suitable for children since they are made of the same materials as airbags and hang on steel ropes. Sushi Bridge, Balance Beam, Sea of Lollipops, Sea of Pistons, Air Bridge, and Sea of Donuts are just a few of the interesting obstacles included in the course. Other typical ones include Ring Slider, Spinning Bikes, U-Rope Walks, and Training Fly Bars. Players of all ages can enjoy the joy of the challenge in an atmosphere of safety because of the variety of obstacles.

For the more experienced obstacle course lover, there's a second level including Bungee Ropes, Spider Jump, Spin baskets, Cheese Doors, Hanging Spikes, UFO Alley, Wingnut Swings, and Salmon Ladder.

The Obstacle Warrior course's bright orange and black color scheme not only looks fantastic but also adds to the venue's lively, cheerful atmosphere. We enjoy hearing that our clients are satisfied, and we've seen that visitors are constantly coming up to participation in these attractive challenges.

The two-level Obstacle Warrior Course creates a challenging and attractive environment that is not only safe and accessible for children and adults alike. For professional help, if you're thinking of creating your own obstacle course, get in touch with Topkidsplay.

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