Florida Inside Ninja Warrior Course

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In Florida, USA, Topkidsplay just constructed a brand-new inside ninja warrior course. This inside ninja warrior course. The main colors are purple, yellow and orange, Full of energy and passion. We are happy that this initiative offers the neighbourhood entertainment and challenges.

Starting from the beginning, this project includes a series of obstacles for players to challenge and try. Players need to control their balance and bounce to pass the steps distributed on both sides at the start. Then comes the uniquely shaped cheese door, which is popular among players due to its fun design and novel gameplay. Next are the trapeze bars located above. Players jump, grab the bars, and maintain their grip on the next obstacle - the Sea of Poles with Balls. This attraction requires players to constantly watch their footing and time their jumps to the next landing spot. Undoubtedly, the Arm Bicycle is a challenging obstacle that tests arm strength. Players must support their body weight with their arms to avoid falling and simulate bicycling movements to move forward. After completing this, players have finished half of the course.

Size: 15*6*3.6m

Next, players use both hands and feet to traverse the Spider Jump, reaching another arm-strength-testing obstacle - the Salmon Ladder. This is also a common component in various sports venues. After passing the Wingnut Swings, the last highlight waiting for players is the Wrapped Wall. It requires players to climb up in one go and reach the platform at the top, where they press a button and their challenge time is displayed on the screen, igniting their competitive spirit.

If you're looking to establish an inside ninja warrior course, reach out to us at Topkidsplay. We provide expert services and premium goods to help you grow your Ninja Warrior course company. Trust Topkidsplay to be the wind beneath the wings of your Ninja Warrior business venture.

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