American Ninja Warrior Equipment in Texas

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Size: 12*6.6*3.5 m (39.37*21.65*11.48 ft.)
Country: Texas, USA
Component Specification: Truss Structure, Ninja Course Obstacles, Pipe Cover, Landing Mats, Ending Platform and Rubber Floorings
Manufacturer Brand: TOPKIDSPLAY

These projects were for our USA clients, and he want to add ninja course into his franchised Trampoline Park. And firstly he sent us a design from other suppliers, but as you may know that every company have their own different design models. Then we make a similar design with some modifications for him as below shown:
Surely he also gives us some suggestions during the design drawing; he’s very kind and nice. The size is 12*6.6*3.5 m (39.37*21.65*11.48 ft.). Finally he made a deal with 3 different sized ninja course, and these sets were all installed by themselves directly. Currently the installation has been finished already, it’s in Texas. 

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