Coronavirus hurt us temporarily, things will be fine

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We know it's been hard for everyone since coronavirus(COVID-19) is spreading cross the world... We(Chinese) have been suffering a lot from this pandemic, watching people died...but helpless sometimes... We have paid a lot, this is what we learnt from we experienced in passed months: 
1.Staying at home 
2.Staying at home 
3.Staying at home 

Pls do remember you’re supposed to be quarantined right away once you found you or your family having a favor or coughing...
Cause we're sad to see people getting hurt from this pandemic...
Being safe is beyond everything at this moment...after pandemic is gone, everything will be fine.
On one hand, everyone should be positive even though we're in fear while facing such kind of horrible disease.On the other hand, while staying at home, being positive also we're able to prepare everything before pandemic is gone...learning... making ourselves better than yesterday...or prepare your project in coming months(year)
TOPKIDSPLAY wish you and your families the best.

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