Ninja Warrior Course,One of the popular games in the trampoline park

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Courses, also known as Ninjas, Ninja Space.
It is one of the more popular games in the trampoline park.
Originated from a TV show in the United States,There are various items in it,
It is a new way to challenge your balance, strength and agility in all aspects.
The challenger achieves the improvement of comprehensive ability by working hard to complete these challenges.
It is very suitable for children and adults.
Ninja Road aims to integrate running, jumping, jumping, climbing and balance,
Create interesting adventures,
At the same time provide amazing exercises.
It can also cultivate children’s physical stamina and perseverance,
After successfully breaking through the level, it will bring joy and sense of accomplishment to the player.

Ninja Road Skypark

The project mainly includes crossing the jungle, U-shaped ladder, silk belt, sponge belt,

Hanging doors, walking bridges, floating bridges, crawling nets, lifting rings, foot rings,

Functional projects such as ring sliding, flying over the wall, stubborn height, rope swing, balance beam, and ladder.
Don't be afraid of falling down on the way!

What greets you is a soft sponge,

Safe and fun.
To play Ninja Warrior Course, you need to mobilize all parts of the body to coordinate operations.

Requires comprehensive coordination of hands, feet, eyes and body.

So it can promote the coordination of the child’s body,

Make them more flexible and responsive.

It has great benefits for promoting physical development,

It also enables children to explore the environment,

Satisfy its curiosity.

At the same time, it is accompanied by danger,

So do a good job of protection!!!

But for fear of danger, children are forbidden to climb,

The child is safe,

But their sense of engaging in sports,

Passion for practicing skills,

The desire to explore the environment,

The pleasure of learning new things will also be suppressed and restricted.
The role of Ninja Road/Warrior Road in Trampoline Park

1. Effectively cultivate children's observation and attention. Before each project is launched, players can observe and then perform specific operations.

2. Enhance flexibility.

3. Increase blood supply and nutrition extend to the joint structure. Stretching increases tissue temperature, which in turn increases blood circulation and nutrient transport.

4. Stretching exercises can promote muscle relaxation.

5. Exercise the muscle strength of the upper limbs and improve the grasping ability of both hands. Joints such as wrists, elbows, and shoulders can also become more flexible.
Notes on Trampoline Park Ninja Road/Warrior Road/Ninja Space

1. Wear special trampoline socks to maintain good grip.

2. Enter the ninja space project after you are ready, and don't try to do actions beyond your ability.

3. After entering the venue, players should take off large or loose jewelry. Please do not carry keys, lighters, glasses, hairpins and other sharp and hard objects with you. For rivet accessories, it is best to remove glasses and hearing aids if possible.

4. Children must be accompanied by an adult when they enter the venue.

5. It is forbidden to start playing without management personnel. When playing, the management personnel will demonstrate once and conduct play training; the management personnel must check the safety protection measures.

6. Only one person is allowed to play at the same time.

7. When playing with grasping function items, avoid arm strain.

8. Do not disassemble the carabiner screws etc. in the project.

9. The ninja space project is dangerous. Please do not use projects that you cannot bear or pass. For example, parents lift up their children to play; the horizontal bar can easily cause children to fall, arm strains and other injuries.

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