New Ninja Tag Course in Indonesia

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Size: 11x14x6.1m

Country: Indonesia

Project inside: STEPS-SOFT, Warped Wall, Balance Log, Spiral Tube Slide, and Zip Line, Ascending Steps, Spider Jump, Cannonball Alley, Rope Swing to Cargo Net, Traverse Monkey Bars, Log Grip, Sea of Swings, Floating Bridge (PE Board), Spin Cycle, Salmon Ladder. etc.

Manufacturer: TOPKIDSPLAY

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a captivating Ninja Tag Course project in Indonesia, adding a new dimension to the region's entertainment experience. This project showcases the essence of the Ninja Tag Course, blending flexibility, challenge, and fun seamlessly.

Design Elements:

Color Palette: The predominant colors are gray and blue, accentuated with touches of orange and green, infusing the entire playground with a dynamic and lively atmosphere.

Soft Obstacles: The outer layer of the Ninja Tag Course features various soft obstacles, including STEPS-SOFT, Warped Wall, Balance Log, Spiral Tube Slide, and Zip Line, providing players with a diverse range of experiences.

Ninja Tag Course Interior (Two Levels):

Level One:

Left Side: Ascending Steps, Spider Jump, Cannonball Alley.

Right Side: Cannonball Alley, Rope Swing to Cargo Net, Ascending Steps.

Level Two:

Left Side: Traverse Monkey Bars, Log Grip, Sea of Swings.

Right Side: Floating Bridge (PE Board), Spin Cycle, Log Grip, Salmon Ladder.

After preparing, players press the button at the start of the track, and the competition begins immediately. Participants must navigate various obstacles using agility and skill, aiming to reach the finish line in the shortest time possible. This activity is designed to ignite participants' competitive spirit and enhance their physical fitness.

This Ninja Tag Course project not only provides a highly challenging course but also incorporates innovative and exhilarating elements, creating a vibrant challenge for players. We look forward to this project bringing new vitality to Indonesia's entertainment industry and becoming the preferred destination for playground enthusiasts.

If you are interested in the Ninja Tag Course project or other innovative entertainment ventures, feel free to contact us. Topkidsplay is dedicated to providing customized solutions for your entertainment venue, collectively shaping a unique and attention-grabbing experience. Let's together create the future benchmark of entertainment!

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