A Special Christmas Present

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Christmas is coming, this year's Christmas Santa Claus sends Christmas blessings to each of the good children, he has to pass this test to get the latest moose car, send gifts to children,

What test is it?

It is recently the hottest ninja course, it can show the courage, perseverance, and physical ability of the challenger,

do not look at Santa Claus as very old, but he has a for the baby to send Christmas blessings of the heart,

He passed the Cheese door, Ring slide, Spin cycle, Spinning wheels, and Warped wall backgammon knocked on the victory gong, get the latest moose car, he happily aboard the moose car, bring a gift,

Look, I saw David's gift, it is a game of soccer, because he promised Santa Claus at the beginning of the year, a whole year to listen to their mother's words, and study well, Santa Claus will give him a game of beautiful soccer, because he wants to become a soccer player, to participate in the World Cup

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