Eight pieces of brocade - good energy to start the week!

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On Monday morning, Ninja Warrior Course's employees gathered for a group training session of the Ba Duan Jin, also known as the Eight Section Brocade. This ancient Chinese exercise is a set of gentle movements that promote health and well-being. Originating from the Song Dynasty, the Ba Duan Jin has been practiced for centuries for its numerous benefits.

The eight exercises that make up the Ba Duan Jin each focus on a different part of the body. Through slow and deliberate movements, participants improve their flexibility, strength, and balance. The method also emphasizes awareness and deep breathing, which helps people unwind and cope with stress.

Engaging in activities like the Ba Duan Jin helps us maintain a strong immune system, especially in these challenging times. By investing in our employees' physical health, we are not only fostering a positive work environment but also empowering our team to perform at their best.

Regular exercise, such as practicing the Ba Duan Jin, is a proactive step towards enhancing our overall well-being. Together, Ninja Warrior Course strives for a healthy and thriving workforce, creating a harmonious balance between work and personal life.

Let's continue to prioritize our health and embrace the benefits of the Ba Duan Jin as we move forward together.

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